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Next-Generation Optoelectronics (LEDs & Solar Cells)


Functional Materials for Optoelectronics (nano & organic & hybrid materials)


(1) organic/ polymeric materials (polymeric acid/ base, organic conjugated small molecules/ conducting polymers),

(2) nanomaterials (graphene/ carbon nanotubes/ quantum dots),

(3) organic-inorganic hybrid materials (various kinds of metal halide perovskites)


modified and employed into optoelectronic applications for energy conversion and displays

Metal Halide Perovskites

 Metal halide perovskite materials have been considered as highly promising solution-processable alternative materials to conventional inorganic or organic semiconductors for optoelectronic applications. Excellent optoelectronic  properties including long charge carrier lifetimes and diffusion lengths and high absorption coefficients have enabled the strong potential of perovskite based solar cells and LEDs. Also, as a light source with narrow full width half maximums (FWHM), metal halide perovskites are a promising future emitter material for next-generation high color-purity displays.

rec2020 v3.jpg

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-- Crystal Growth


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-- Materials Design


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-- Environmentally-friendly Lead-free Perovskites

lead free perovskite.png

-- Perovskite Light-emitting Diodes

-- Perovskite Solar Cells

adv rev2.jpg

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Solution-Processed Optoelectronic Devices

-- Solution-processed Small-molecule OLEDs

sol leds.png
sol 2.png

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-- Conducting Polymers

conducting polymer.png

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Flexible Optoelectronics Devices
mbc news.png

Press release by MBC

MR SC.jpg

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Research Projects

o "Pioneer Research Center Program"

funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF).

o Research theme: Intrinsically stretchable multimodal sensory wearable neuromorphic displays


o "LG Display Incubation Research" funded by LG Display 

o Research theme: Solution-processed Organic Light-emitting Diodes


o "SAMSUNG Future Technology Incubation Program (삼성미래기술육성사업)"

funded by SAMSUNG Science & Technology Foundation (삼성미래기술육성재단)

o Research theme: Stacked light-emitting diode display based on eco-friendly blue perovskite emitters


o "POSCO Sicence Fellowship for Young Professor (신진교수 포스코 사이언스 펠로)"

funded by POSCO TJ Park Foundation (포스코 청암 재단)

o Research theme: Next-generation optoelectronic materials and devices overcoming conventional display and energy limits


o "Initial Innovation Laboratory (최초혁신실험실)"

funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF).

o Research theme: Surface hetero-phased perovskite emitter


o "Research Funding for Starting Professor (신진연구자지원사업)" 

funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). 

o Research theme: Surface hetero-phased perovskite emitter

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